Monday, June 2, 2008

How am I supposed to remember THAT?

The "young" kids in med school have it easy -- they read something a few times, and it sticks. Thank goodness I found a study group for Pharm with memorization blockages like mine. We "old" folks ended up coming up with some pretty creative ways to remember the slew of information thrown at us. Not only do our silly stories stick, but they make me grin whenever I run into the drugs.

Here's a sample:

- Cisplatin (Chemo drug): Keeps your balls from going splat
- Cyclophosphamide (Hodkins drug): Cyclo, like the wheels on the Cadillac of cancers
- Grisefulvin (Antifungal): Greasy men get fungal infections
- Leuprolide (GnRH agonist): Given in loops to mimic cyclical GnRH action
- Ranitidine (Ulcer drug): H2 antagonist, so it's ranting "You suck H2! You're no good!" (M-squared came up with that one, and of course when he does it, Ranitidine talks in a very high falsetto)
- Sildenafil (Viagra): Works via cGMP on your "G"onads

So if you happen to be sitting in Prometric tomorrow and notice someone taking the Step 1 and grinning like an idiot, you'll know what I'm thinking: "You're not good, H2!"

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