Thursday, May 29, 2008

Preparations: The clothing

Guys have it so easy. Slacks, button down, tie... Not only do women have to make a choice, but there's so much *meaning* wrapped into the clothing we pick. Obviously, there's going too far in the sexy side of things (my gang has nicknamed one fellow student "Crop Top" for obvious reasons, and another "Wobbles" because of her height and her skinny stilettos.) But there's criticism if you chose the other direction too, in addition to the issue of feeling crummy because you know you don't look your best. ("I can't believe how much the Emergency Med residents let themselves go!" said a friend, an aspiring EM, who 100% respects his female mentors, but thinks they would look better if they dyed their greys...)

As for me, I decided that tucked in shirt make me miserable, stiff button downs feel ridiculous, and sweaters are too hot under white coats, even in the dead of winter. Doesn't leave much, does it? For the past few months, I've been keeping my eye out for loose jersey blouses from Gap, Bluefly and Martin Osa. I have exactly 6 right now, which is the # of days in a row I'll be working when I start my medicine rotation in June. Think it's enough? We'll find out soon...

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