Saturday, May 31, 2008

Preparations: The white coat

So my white coat. School issued, and much too big (they didn't think to order XXS petite, I suppose.) Also, shapeless and boxy (but isn't every med student's white coat?) The question is, should I get a new one? They're only really $25 online (about the same as two frou frou cocktails plus a nice tip.) Certainly, I'd prefer a white coat that didn't make me look like I was playing dress-up in my Dad's clothing. But do I really want to be known on rotations as the girl who was vain enough to spring for a white coat with pleats?

(If you're not afraid of looking too good in your white coat, the one to the right is the "Barco Workforce Women's 29" 3 Pocket Lab Coat" and it's the svelte-est I've found that still includes a pen pocket.)

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